MEGA ZOOM QUIZ: Close Up Pics Game.

Guess the zoom quiz game & world images puzzle. The best zoom quiz game of 2021.


Can you guess the images with zoom? Do you think you are able to recognize brands, places and objects from all over the world but with a zoom effect, you will be able to give correct zoom quiz answers?

Then download MEGA ZOOM QUIZ 2021 now, this close up pics game, in which you will have to guess the images but with a “zoom” effect. Our picture zoom quiz includes brands, places, animals, foods, etc. most popular around the world.

How much time can you spend in this zoom quiz trivia game? Can you complete all the levels in the guess the zoom picture quiz?

Playing this image puzzle game is very easy! An image (with zoom) will appear on the screen and what you have to do is guess the name of the object, place, food, etc. that appears and answer it. Choose the letters needed to form the name of the picture and guess the picture for each level. Easy to play, hard to guess!

This game of questions and answers of images zoom quiz, you will be able to sharpen your brain since you will have to pay attention to every detail of the image to be able to guess what it is. From famous places to animals and foods from around the world, you are sure to have a great time guessing the challenges of the zoom quiz images in one of the best image guessing zoom quiz games of 2021!

– Images organized from easiest to hardest.
– More than 140 images of places, animals, foods, etc. around the world to guess!
– A friendly interface: easy to understand and play (without getting frustrated).
– If you can’t complete a level, you can use the coins to beat it!
– Two different tracks for the most difficult levels.
– The application is updated frequently and new images are added.
– This is a new and updated game from the creator of “MEGA LOGO QUIZ” with new image guessing challenges.

Now is the time to enjoy this free guess the zoom picture quiz and challenge your friends in the zoom quiz knowledge challenge.

Do you want to guess all the pictures in this fun trivia game?

👉 Download MEGA ZOOM QUIZ 2021 for FREE and play this new challenge of guessing the image with zoom in this 2021 zoom quiz game.

[More images and levels coming soon]

IMPORTANT: The images in this “zoom quiz” game are for commercial use, provided by an image bank.



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Download it now.

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